Role: Coordinator
Anna Tzanakaki


IASA promotes research and postgraduate studies in the Greek university system. It is affiliated with the Physics, Informatics and Medicine departments of the National and Kapodirstrian University of Athens and Electrical & Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering and General Science departments of the National Technical University of Athens. IASA is charged with pursuing research and promoting graduate studies in various areas of technology. Its cross disciplinary character, its infrastructure and its expertise in enabling technologies have proven to provide particularly attractive and fertile ground on a number of technology-driven scientific fronts. IASA is currently engaged in many cutting-edge R&D projects. Several tens of graduate students (M. Sc. and Ph. D.) and post- docs have been carrying out research at IASA under the supervision of faculty from the two universities.

Areas of research focus of IASA over the recent years include 5G and beyond solutions development and evaluation based on a open test-bed facility, exploiting open source platfroms. In addition, it has developed expertise in Data Management focusing on data collection, handling and big data analytics applying AI/ML machine learning techniques. IASA is a founding member and a sharholder of the Competence centre π-NET focusing on 5G and beyond communications networks for the enhancement of vertical value chains, funded through the Business Programme “Competence–Entrepreneurship-Innovation 2014-2020” co-funded by Greek government and EC.

IASA’s test-bed is equipped with a private cloud & a containerised open 5G platform including Open RAN technologies. The Network equipment includes OpenFlow SDN switches (1/10/40G connectivity), 10G router, Industrial LTE gateways, Private LTE network, synchronisation equipment for MIMO, 5G-NR, mmWave Links 60GHz and Industrial IoT devices, Industrial Cameras etc.

Role in the project

IASA is involved in 5G-TACTIC….