• Support an open & competitive 5G European ecosystem bringing together:
    – National Regulation and Cybersecurity Authorities from 3 Member States
    – Technology innovating SMEs developing Open 5G solutions
    – Infrastructure providers and mobile network operators
    – Academia including research institutes and universities
  • To develop secure, open, disaggregated & interoperable 5G solutions
    – Adopt Artificial intelligence to optimize testing and operation of 5G networks
  • Integration, piloting and evaluation of multi-vendor open 5G solutions conisdering security aspects
  • Training activities addressing technical and security audiences as well as European Regulator and Cybersecurity Authorities
  • Identify and analyse security risks associated with the deployment of 5G networks in operational environments, (with emphasis on O-RAN solutions)
  • Propose and develop strategic and effective technical risk mitigation measures and processes to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of 5G networks
    – development/enhancement of technology tools and 5G building blocks, reinforcing security in the design, deployment and operation of these networks
    – development of security assessment specifications and methodologies extending existing standards (i.e., 3GPP Security Assurance Specification (SCAS)/SECAM) and triggering the initiation of baseline security standards
    – accelerate deployment and operation of open-interface solutions enabling diversification of the 5G supply chain limiting single supplier dependencies for 5G network deployments
    – develop guidelines and best practices including testing and auditing on 5G network cybersecurity
    – training, testing and capacity building exercises involving multiple 5G stakeholders including non-technical users